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Dear People Magazine,

Sagging pants is something that has started in the later-day society. It’s become more then the latest fashion, its actually become a way of life for some people. Back then people use to wear their pants up to their waist with a belt, but because time changes so do we, we have changed to the result of sagging and doing things or parents, in their time, would have never done or worn.
When it comes to a matter of sagging pants; i personally dont think it matters, yes that did originate from gangs, or in jail; meaning that you were available. However, the way a person decideds to dress is completely and totally up to them. The way someone dresses ultimatly opens them up to specific steriotypes of people who wear there jeans like that. For example usually if you see a african american male sagging, nine times out of ten the first thing that will pop in your mind is the word “GHETTO,” when in fact that person could live in a fancier house then you, but the way they dress is totally up to them. This is one of the many effects society has had on people today.
The reason that the great country called The United States of America, was build on choice, and freedom. Pilgrams came over for religious freedom and regular freedom. Making someone stop doing what they want is wrong and it fully contridicts the rights set for Americans. This is why i think it is okay to wear saggy pants


Sean Barnes Jr.